Uncover insights with historical data

Not only can you view real-time data from your machine with acirro+ dashboards. With the download feature, in acirro+, you can now pull historical process data from the cloud and use them directly in Excel, Microsoft Power BI or a third-party application to uncover insights and perform further analysis and optimization.

Historical process data from your machine can bring light to lots of areas of interest and provide insights about production downtime, enabling you to increase your runtime, product output and profits. Rising temperature in motors or other equipment can indicate need for maintenance. Data can form the basis to provide documentation of regulated processes e.g. documentation of CO2 emissions. All to make use of existing data and help make better and faster decisions.

Power BI

The download feature enables you to analyze historical data from a single device e.g. process data from our IIoT ready X2 HMIs or BoX2 devices, and even look at data from an entire production unit. In acirro+, you simply select which tags to monitor, the date interval and download all the data to a CSV file.

We offer templates for Excel and Microsoft Power BI for easy data import and handling, free of charge and available to download from the Smart engineering section in our Smartstore.

Download template for Power BI here

Download template for Excel here


New insights and business opportunities

All data accessible at one place

Collect data from machines, wherever located, and store it in one secure, cloud-based location. It allows you to more easily present data and facilitate effective data analysis. What is running well and what needs to be looked over? Data consolidation reduces inefficiencies like data duplication, costs related to multiple databases and multiple data management points.

Historical data helps predict the future

Store large amounts of historical data to analyze and understand the past. You will be able to faster diagnose outages and shorten the time to resolution. Understanding evolution patterns, average variations and peak data changes are essential and historical data helps you to forecast future events and act upon it.

Safe storage of data

Our cloud solution is based on Microsoft Azure where all data benefit from an enhanced level of security. This includes advanced firewalls which examine source and destination data and verify packet content integrity, encryption to keep data safe from unauthorized users as well as event logging and highly physical security of cloud data centers.

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