Beauty in the details

Clever details make installation, service and modification less complicated. G series IO nodes are easily mounted on a standard 35mm DIN rail with removable cage clamp connection terminals. The modules are spring-loaded, so all you need to do is apply light, fingertip pressure and you’re connected. You can remove a terminal block without having to disconnect all the wires of the module.

 1.  16 connections per slice

Take advantage of having many IO channels in a compact space.

 2.  Removable terminal block (RTB)

Exchange modules without disconnecting wires. Plug back in and you’re good to go again.

 3.  Release button for RTB

Easy to mount, connect or remove RTB with light fingertip pressure.

 4.  Locking mechanism for DIN-rail

Secure installation that brings mechanical stability to the node.

 5.  Simple module exchange

Release just one module at a time while the others remain in place.

 6.  Cage clamp terminals

Install with ease for a truly safe connection.

 7.  Field bus connector

Seamlessly exchange and share data via major industrial communication protocols.

 8.  Color-coded modules

Get a clear visual identification of module type at an instant.

 9.  Cable suspension

Fasten cables on each RTB for supreme stability.

 10.  LED indicators

Give full visual overview of module and IO status.

 11.  Unique sliding contact system

Guarantees a stable connection between IO modules.

 12.  Expand up to 63 slices per node

A truly scalable solution that grows with you.

 13.  Fast 1ms/63 modules scan time

The G series offers extremely high speed based on the internal module bus for applications requiring fast response.




 ...  Space saving

We made sure you could fit up to 1,000 IOs in an 800 mm DIN rail. A slim standard module is just 12 mm wide and the network adaptor 42 mm.