CODESYS control

Make your projects as easy to carry out as they were to visualize

CODESYS is the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 development tool on the market. The industry standard in controller and PLC programming, CODESYS fits hand-in-glove with iX software - they can exchange data easily and have fundamental similarities, both in terms of openness and communication.


Advantages of CODESYS control

  • Fully integrated development system
  • Fully adaptable to your system's requirements
  • Can be embedded in virtually any system
  • Select CPU platform, operating system or manufacturer of device 
  • Powerful with integrated compilers, object-oriented programming, alarm management and add-ons such as UML/SYN integration

Power to the programmer

A choice of five well-known IEC 61131-3 programming languages offers freedom of programming options. Different languages can be mixed to meet the needs of different control solutions. This opens up for a much wider and more flexible functionality than with a conventional PLC.

CODESYS provides:
  • Excellent debugging and online/offline programming
  • Built-in PLC simulator
  • Easy-to-use fieldbus configuration and integration

CODESYS offers transparent code, sharing one common standard to let you transport projects freely between all iX HMI operator panel models.