Kivik’s water sewage treatment plant upgrades to increase capacity and modernize solution

Kivik's 50-year-old sewage treatment plant located in south east of Sweden, was recently upgraded by Österlen VA AB. The upgrade with modern technology has more than doubled their capacity with an increase from approximately 3,000 person equivalents (pe) to at least 7,500 pe.

Kivik water sewage treatment plant  

The process at Kivik’s treatment plant uses membrane filters to remove particles larger than 38 nanometers from the sewage water, such as bacteria and to some extent also viruses. After the water passes through the membrane filters, next step is through an active carbon filter. The goal is to clean the water to the extent that it can be reused as fresh water e.g. in irrigation, in irrigation, industries, and even as drinking water.

The solution from Beijer Electronics at Kivik’s sewage treatment plant includes X2 pro 21 HMI panel, iX HMI software, Nexto PLC and Korenix network switches for redundancy through a fiber network.

The treatment plant includes additional connected equipment on the network such as frequency converters, blowers and control cabinets for separate machines. The Nexto PLC collects data from all equipment and the data is presented on the X2 pro 21 HMI panel, which is connected to a SCADA system for further analysis and systems overview.   

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