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SPS 2019

SPS an obvious part of Beijer Electronics journey

Founded 1981 in Malmö, Sweden, Beijer Electronics has grown from a Swedish engineering company to a multinational cross-industry innovator that connects people and technologies to optimize processes for business-critical applications. The offer has grown with the geographical expansion, and today it includes operator communication, automation solutions, digitalization, display solutions and support. In 2019 acirro+ cloud solution was launched and as experts in user-friendly software, hardware and services for the Industrial Internet of Things, the attendance at the SPS fair has been a given for 29 years.


Beijer Electronics joined the SPS fair the first time already back in 1990, first under the name Elektronik-Systeme Lauer GmbH (1990 – 1992), as Lauer Systeme GmbH in 1993, later as Systeme Lauer GmbH Systeme Lauer GmbH which was then acquired by Beijer Electronics in 2007. Here you can read a short interview with Nikolaos Aslanidis, Sales Manager, Germany at Beijer Electronics GmbH & Co. KG.


Beijer Electronics joined the SPS fair first time in 1990, which year was the first one you attended?

Nikolaos Aslanidis (NA): It was in February, 2001, and I had just joined the company as a service engineer focusing on industrial PC’s with soft PLC solution. This was the base of what later would become our company’s control system solution. Back in 2001 the industrial PLC’s required hard coding programming skills, and this was what I was hired to do, supporting our customers with their solutions. This was before CODESYS became our standard programming.



Nikolaos Aslanidis, Sales manager Germany  here in a discussion at SPS fair in 2012


Why is SPS an important fair for Beijer Electronics?

NA: It is the biggest industrial fair in Europe, maybe even in the world, and Beijer Electronics belongs to that scene.  It is an opportunity for us to meet old and new customers, discuss opportunities, and meet having meetings face to face, listening to our customers’ needs and wants. Of course, it is also a chance to benchmark with competitors, making sure we are on top of the game. The SPS fair is a good way of spotting new trends and get inspired of what the future might hold.


What would you say are the biggest changes in the market in the last 30 years?

NA: The biggest change is the focus to make hardware and software solutions more user friendly, and here I would say Beijer Electronics has a clear advantage with our iX Developer software and WARP, which are very intuitive to use and basically doesn’t require any previous programming skills. Another trend is open control solutions to ensure that different systems can work seamlessly together. This is the reason why Beijer Electronics choose to work with CODESYS. In the last couple of years, it has been all about cloud solutions and connectivity, and it is an exciting time to be part of the industrial 4.0 revolution!


How has Beijer Electronics changed over the year?

NA: Beijer Electronics have developed from being a component provider to offer solutions and services to our customers. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the focus on people and technology – and with that I mean how the end goal is still the same: to optimize our customers business and processes. We are a company for people, by people.


What are you looking forward to participating in SPS 2019?

NA: This year we are proud to showcase our acirro+ cloud solution and demonstrate the value of getting access to the data. It is always a great pleasure to see familiar and new faces coming up to the booth to speak to us about their challenges!


What is your personal view on SPS?

NA: Even if the SPS fair is as big as it is, it has a friendly and personal feel. It will be nice to come back and attend the 30th anniversary.



Beijer Electronics booth 7:490 - to the left in 2010, and to the right from 2018.


Nürnberg, Germany, November 26th - 28th     

@Exhibition Centre, hall 7, booth 490.

Looking forward meeting you at SPS smart product solutions fair in Nuremberg in Germany on November 26th to 28th.  Let us give you a tour of the Fast track to the cloud, showing you the latest innovations from Beijer Electronics. Meet us in hall 7, booth 490.

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